Michael Delmonico is Elie’s best friend since their shared student days at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. He’s handsome, impetuous, witty and wacky. He lives with his life partner, Daniel Keane, and he has a hugely successful interior design business.

He grew up in Long Island, in a lower socio-economic background. His mother worked hard to support her two sons, before and after her abusive husband left the family when Michael was around eleven.

Michael is gay, and although flamboyant and always playing the part of being on the lookout for the next guy, he’s definitely devoted to his life partner Daniel. They live in Michael’s gorgeous apartment in Grammery Park, not far from Elie’s office in the Flatiron District.

In spite of Michael’s impetuous and self-serving behavior, he is a wonderful friend to Elie – loves her dearly and really worried about her. But…. HE HATES SYD! Long story, dating back many years – don’t ask!

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