Lexi (Alexis) Stein Nissim is Elie and Philip’s older daughter. She attended university in the US and was very active in Jewish youth movements. During one of her many trips to Israel, met Dov (Dovey) Nissim.

Lexi was always the calm and caring daughter, worrying about the world around her. She studied psychology and became a  psychologist in the New York City school system. Her plans were to continue in that direction until, quite by surprise, she fall in love with Dovey. He was a widower, whose wife was killed in a terrorist explosion in Jerusalem. He was left broken, and alone to care for his two little children. Lexi entered his life at just the right time and helped him overcome the tragedy and believe in life once again.

Thanks to Miriam – Dovey’s previous mother-in-law who often helps out with the little ones – Lexi is able to adjust to her new life as wife and mother. She lives in a moshav (small village) outside of Jerusalem and is happily getting settled.

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