Elie Sands is the main character. She turn 50 at the beginning of the book and has no idea what’s about to happen to her!

Elie is married to Philip, a tsar of the furniture world, and they have two lovely daughters – Lexi, 26 and Chloe, 24. 

She attended college at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, which is where she met fellow student Michael. Her junior year was spent in Israel – studying on the overseas program at Tel Aviv University – which is where she met David (the love of her life who got away). Upon graduating, she was hired by Walter Lavigne, Publisher of Interior Design & Style magazine. Although she loved interior design, she never felt confident enough in her own abilities, and the job offer was too tempting to resist.

Elie started out as a photographer’s assistant, took a break to raise her children and now she’s the Executive Editor – and in line to take over the magazine.

Her best friends are Syd Sorenstein – the wise-cracking upstairs neighbor and Michael Delmonico – a wacky and self-absorbed interior designer.

Elie has chin length wavy hair that she wears parted on the side. It’s dark brown but she colors it, to disguise the gray. That it until she has her epiphany, and decides that natural is the way to go.

Her favorite foods: Caesar Salad; Tuna Ceviche; Gazpacho (and does she have a recipe!); Tuna Casserole; Tuna Melt; Gotham Salad at Bergdorf Goodman; and Croque-Madame at any bistro in Paris.

Her favorite drinks: Cava (semi-brut); Chardonnay; Caipirinha (no, she does not have a thing about drinks starting with the letter “C”)

Her favorite designers: Donna Karan; Calvin Klein; Coco Chanel; Yves St. Laurent; Guy Laroche; Giorgio Armani; Carolina Herrera. She LOVES finding clothes on sale.

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