Dedication by Charles Fazzino!

Fazzino Dedication Photo

How exciting is this? Charles Fazzino, the great 3D pop artist who designed the cover of Menopause in Manhattan, is offering a hand-drawn and signed dedication when you buy the book from his gallery.

It’s a collector’s item!!!

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The Ruby Ring Comes to Life!

Ruby Ring from Menopause in Manhattan

If you’re read Menopause in Manhattan, you know about the ruby ring. I don’t want to give away the plot, suffice it to say that it plays an important role.

The ruby ring symbolizes all that a woman can be: her strength, determination, independence. A feeling of – I can do this! I’m capable! I’m in charge of my life!

Now that I designed it and own it, I feel a certain strength too. Its a sign of empowerment, of accomplishing difficult on my own and proudly sporting the achievement.

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