Flatiron Building

Elie's office is near here

Elie's office is near here

Menopause Martini

pom drinks

Brooklyn Diner

Tillie’s Watch

Book cover by Charles Fazzino

Elie & Syd’s favorite neighborhood haunt


Boccacino Salad at Boccaccio

Bocacinin salad

The famous Boccacino Salad at Boccaccio

Syd’s charcoal cape/coat

This is the cape that Syd wears to meet with Chloe at the bar downtown.

Andrea Yip Boutique: http://www.yipandreayip.com/

Elie & Syd’s leather jacket


Andrea Yip Boutqiue


Andrea Yip website: http://www.yipandreayip.com/

Elie loves this!