New York – A Buyer’s Paradise

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If you’re heading to New York, I guess it’s pretty obvious to state that you should have a bit of money with you. Not wads in the wallet, mind you, but some cash – and a credit card wouldn’t hurt either.

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Menopause in Manhattan & I Go Home

They say you can never go home again. They’re wrong. It’s just that home may have changed.

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The Latest News!


*Menopause in Manhattan has its New York Launch!

*Menopause in Manhattan appear at Book Expo America

* Menopause in Manhattan reviewed in the Jerusalem Post

* Menopause in Manhattan reviewed by author James Garcia Jr.

* Charles Fazzino offers signed copies of Menopause in Manhattan!

* New York Launch at Huntington Arts Council

* Anne appearing in Modi’in, Israel on behalf of ESRA

* The ruby ring comes to life!

* Menopause in Manhattan now selling on & Barnes & Both e-book and print version are available!


Book gets launch by Jerusalem Post!

Anne, Aml & Eman

■ “HOW WILL Oprah find me?” The question is posed half in jest by Anne Kleinberg, a New York transplant and successful cookbook writer and restaurant reviewer. Kleinberg, an interior decorator by training who lives in a gorgeous house in Caesarea that she and her husband Oded designed, spent the best part of four years writing and rewriting her first novel, Menopause in Manhattan. A Bette Midler-type character who is both shrewd and funny, with amazing entrepreneurial skills – not to mention a talent with words – Kleinberg also knows a thing or two about marketing, and has had a couple of highly successful book launches. She organized the first one herself at the Boccaccio restaurant in Tel Aviv, which is where she and her husband met on a blind date some 17-and-a-half years ago, and which also gets a mention in the novel. Proprietor Nizza Ben-Shalom has become part of the couple’s extended family, and every time they have something to celebrate outside of their home, they choose Boccaccio.

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Menopause in Manhattan comes to Tel Aviv

Menopause in Manhattan had its official launch. Held in Tel Aviv, at Boccaccio Restaurant. Family and friends, media and paparazzi too!

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How will Oprah find me?

I’ve written a book. I’ve published it. I’m working like crazy to get the book its fair share of attention. Now what? When will Oprah phone?


I meant it as a joke, well only sort of. Aren’t we all taking ourselves just a little bit too seriously… [Read more…]

Menopause Martini

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Genre, genre, what’s my genre?


You think that when the writing is over the fun begins? I don’t think so! There’s so much more to do. And figuring out your genre is top of the list. [Read more…]

I miss my characters!

My book is published. The characters are making their  way in the world. So now what am I supposed to do? [Read more…]

SOLD OUT! at Jerusalem Book Fair

Jerusalem Book Fair

Menopause in Manhattan premiered last week at the Jerusalem Book Fair – and sold out!

Appearing both at the United States Embassy Cultural Section and Steimatzky, all the books supplied to Steimatzky – sold out – twice!

Word’s getting around!