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Elie's office is near here

Elie's office is near here

Dedication by Charles Fazzino!

Fazzino Dedication Photo

How exciting is this? Charles Fazzino, the great 3D pop artist who designed the cover of Menopause in Manhattan, is offering a hand-drawn and signed dedication when you buy the book from his gallery.

It’s a collector’s item!!!

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New York Launches Menopause in Manhattan!!!

Saralee Boshnack, Anne & Debbi Honorof

Thanks to Debbi Honorof, Director of Continuing Education at Hofstra University, Menopause in Manhattan was launched in style at the Huntington Arts Council.

Arranged by Debbi, this was not only a book launch but a reunion as well for the author. In attendance were friends from way back – a two year old playmate, a nursery school playmate and several elementary school friends all showed up to support and encourage Anne on her launch in New York.

New York – A Buyer’s Paradise

ny apple

If you’re heading to New York, I guess it’s pretty obvious to state that you should have a bit of money with you. Not wads in the wallet, mind you, but some cash – and a credit card wouldn’t hurt either.

For all the delicious details, check out Anne’s blog.

Menopause in Manhattan & I Go Home

They say you can never go home again. They’re wrong. It’s just that home may have changed.

Read the full article on Anne Kleinberg’s Blog

The Latest News!


*Menopause in Manhattan has its New York Launch!

*Menopause in Manhattan appear at Book Expo America

* Menopause in Manhattan reviewed in the Jerusalem Post

* Menopause in Manhattan reviewed by author James Garcia Jr.

* Charles Fazzino offers signed copies of Menopause in Manhattan!

* New York Launch at Huntington Arts Council

* Anne appearing in Modi’in, Israel on behalf of ESRA

* The ruby ring comes to life!

* Menopause in Manhattan now selling on & Barnes & Both e-book and print version are available!


The Ruby Ring Comes to Life!

Ruby Ring from Menopause in Manhattan

If you’re read Menopause in Manhattan, you know about the ruby ring. I don’t want to give away the plot, suffice it to say that it plays an important role.

The ruby ring symbolizes all that a woman can be: her strength, determination, independence. A feeling of – I can do this! I’m capable! I’m in charge of my life!

Now that I designed it and own it, I feel a certain strength too. Its a sign of empowerment, of accomplishing difficult on my own and proudly sporting the achievement.

For remainder of story, check out Anne’s website

Book gets launch by Jerusalem Post!

Anne, Aml & Eman

■ “HOW WILL Oprah find me?” The question is posed half in jest by Anne Kleinberg, a New York transplant and successful cookbook writer and restaurant reviewer. Kleinberg, an interior decorator by training who lives in a gorgeous house in Caesarea that she and her husband Oded designed, spent the best part of four years writing and rewriting her first novel, Menopause in Manhattan. A Bette Midler-type character who is both shrewd and funny, with amazing entrepreneurial skills – not to mention a talent with words – Kleinberg also knows a thing or two about marketing, and has had a couple of highly successful book launches. She organized the first one herself at the Boccaccio restaurant in Tel Aviv, which is where she and her husband met on a blind date some 17-and-a-half years ago, and which also gets a mention in the novel. Proprietor Nizza Ben-Shalom has become part of the couple’s extended family, and every time they have something to celebrate outside of their home, they choose Boccaccio.

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Jerusalem Post is there!

Anne, Aml & Eman

Great write-up about the launch of Menopause in Manhattan by Jerusalem Post columnist Greer Fay Cashman.

Click here to read: “But How Will Oprah Find Me?”